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washington dc weed delivery


You never know what you are getting when buying a product these days. Where did it come from? Who all has had a hand in making it and shipping it and handling it? How was it made exactly? Is your product pure and authentic? There are so many questions that can raise some eyebrows about our production industries when you don’t really have a first hand look on the inside. Speaking of inside, what you consume or put inside your body can raise even more questions. If you are twenty one years or older and live in Washington DC, where recreationally smoking marijuana and using other types of cannabis is legal, you’ll want to know how your weed is grown too. I am so very picky when it comes to where I get my weed from. I use a weed delivery service located here in Washington DC. This company named Capitol Chromic is known for their pure quality buds. They are really easy to order from also. 


Capitol Chronic uses a hotline number to receive orders. You send them a text message with the word “menu” and they will send over the raffle tickets and cannabis gifts of the week. Then you just send this awesome weed delivery service your name along with a valid identification card that proves you are twenty one years or older and live in Washington DC. Once you have made your selection, send over your raffle ticket choices, your Washington DC address, your delivery time and that’s pretty much it. Make sure you choose a specific delivery time because they are very precise when arriving to deliver your package. You don’t want to be home and have your delivered weed sitting out in the open just waiting for someone to find it. Plus, with each raffle ticket you purchase, you can save it for a chance to win a free cannabis gift. Each week, they choose lucky raffle tickets and yours could be the winner. 

Capitol Chronic isn’t the only weed delivery service out there, I had to do my research in order to find the right service and they definitely took the cake. Their weed is pure and made without any added chemicals or other dangerous components. You can feel more at ease knowing it is a safe product to consume when it comes to contamination. 

We have established that Capitol Chronic is a weed delivery service that provides chemical and pesticide free products. I do also wonder about other products when I’m grocery shopping. Especially with my fresh fruits and vegetables. I have always believed that the best things are not perfect. You have to be careful when buying fruits and vegetables because some companies use chemicals and other products to protect their food from being eaten alive by insects and also to make their products large and beautiful. This will make an illusion that the product is better.   


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