Best Weed Delivery Service in Washington DC


The year 2020 has been a stressful ride. With this worldwide pandemic still abroad, a lot of us are still grasping this new way of living and coping with the anxiety of our new everyday lifestyle. If you are like me, inhaling a puff of mother nature’s medicinal miracle is a main part of keeping yourself balanced and relaxed. This is vital for us recreational weed smokers in order to de-stress and relax from our anxiety! Trust me, you are not the only one. With social distancing being so important right now, having your bud delivered is not only convenient but the smart choice to make. If you are wondering how to go about having your goods placed at your doorstep, there is a weed delivery service that knows and understands what you are feeling and is here to help you! These guys have your back and follow all sanitation and social distance protocols in order to make sure that their customers along with their staff are kept safe. If you are a resident of Washington DC and are 21 years or older, let me introduce you to my favorite weed wingman, Capitol Chronic.


 We all need a good wingman to have our backs, Capitol Chronic is the easiest way to have your weed delivered to you with superb punctuality. They genuinely take pride in their promise to always have your green gifts delivered on time. This is why they are an incredibly reliable weed delivery service that makes the process of buying your bud super stress free without any commitment! There is no going into a dispensary or store and exposing yourself during this unprecedented time. Also, there is no loading up a website and going through endless browsing to find what you want. Capitol Chronic has made the process easy so that you can be on your way to having your bud brought to you by simply texting their personal hotline number! Here is step-by-step on how to order:


  1. Text Capitol Chronic’s hotline number with the word “menu” and instantly receive the latest and hottest raffle and cannabis gift menu.
  2. Text over a valid identification card that states you are 21 years or older.
  3. Review and make a selection that you know you will enjoy.
  4. Text over your raffle and free gift selection, your name, your Washington DC address, and the delivery time you would like to receive your weed.


Pretty easy stuff here! But, hey, I get it… sometimes we still have more questions. Capitol Chronic gets it too. If you do find yourself in a bit of confusion, just give the hotline a call and your wingman’s staff will happily assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.


 Hold onto your raffle tickets because this weed delivery service is also delivering some sweet news. Having something to look forward to has also been a bit scarce these days. Capitol Chronic wants to bring some positivity to their Washington DC community by giving away gifts each week! Every week Capitol Chronic will choose lucky raffle tickets. The owners of these lucky tickets will receive a free cannabis gift! Your weed wingman has your back!



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