Is Recreational Weed Legal In Washington D.C.

Is weed legal in Washington DC for recreational purposes? If you are at least 21 years of age and possess less than two ounces, heck yes it’s legal! For those who enjoy top-shelf marijuana, Capitol Chronic is here to help you.

Let’s face it, this global pandemic has taken its toll on pretty much everyone, causing even more tension and hardship than usual. Weed is the perfect remedy for those (and many other) ailments. It is Capitol Chronic’s mission to deliver their DC neighborhood with the best bud, helping to soothe and comfort those in need. The members of Capitol Chronic are also very careful, taking extra precautions during this time to reduce the spread of germs. They are adamant about sanitation and maintaining proper social distances to ensure the safety of those they encounter in Washington DC. 

Capitol Chronic makes the weed delivery service such a breeze! It’s really quite simple. They do the hard work so you can sit back, relax and enjoy. Here is how it works: Simply text (or give them a call, if you’re into that) “Menu” to 202-656-398. You will immediately receive the latest raffle and cannabis menu. Once you make your raffle selection, text your choices over and that’s literally it. You pick the time and location, provided you are within Washington DC, and your weed will be on its way to you. You tell Capitol Chronic what you need, and they make it happen. You don’t have to click around a website, waiting for the pages to load, adding items to your cart, click-click-click. No fuss, no muss, that is the Capitol Chronic way. 

Remember those raffle tickets I mentioned earlier? You will want to hang on to those. Each week, Capitol Chronic does a weekly drawing. If your raffle is selected, you win free weed! How cool, right? Even during these unprecedented times, Capitol Chronic continues their optimism, giving their community of Washington DC something fun to anticipate. 

So whether you are local to the DC area or just in town for a spell, the great people Capitol Chronic have your back, providing you with the best and easiest weed delivery service the District of Columbia has to offer!


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