Marijuana as Motivation


When you hear the word “marijuana” what does your brain automatically resort to thinking of? For most, its lounging on the sofa eating potato chips, relaxing while the clock’s hands turn by the minute, laughing with your mates over that one nostalgic cartoon you’re watching, forgetting the chicken nuggets in the oven… mostly putting your feet up and unwinding from an anxiety filled day with a little “take it easy” remedy. Normally, that is what we do when we indulge in the sweet arms of Mary Jane. Although, having a good smoke session isn’t the same for everyone. Marijuana can also help you to feel energized and motivated. Some users enjoy a good puff to ease their depression, mood or muscle aches in order partake in a productive day. Personally, when I need a little push to get those dishes from last night’s dinner out of the sink and into the cabinet, the right strain of weed is all I need. Capitol Chronic has a variety of types of weed for your preferred preference. If you are a resident of Washington DC, then Capitol Chronic had an amazing weed delivery service you may want to utilize.


Capitol Chronic is an easy way to have your weed delivered, whether you want to relax or re-evaluate your kitchen cabinet’s organization. They take ordering your green goods to the next level by bypassing the traditional  website pages and offer an innovative solution to slow laptop speeds. Capitol Chronic has a personal hotline where you can text or call for services. To start, you can text the word “menu” to their hotline and instantly be provided with their most updated and newest raffle tickets and free cannabis gifts. If you like what you see, choose a selection that you would like delivered straight to you! Once you have made your choice, you will simply need to send Capitol Chronic a valid identification, stating that you are 21 or older, your Washington DC address and the time you would like your weed to be delivered. Literally, that is it. Capitol Chronic knows that sometimes you have questions or need a little help, and that’s okay. Give the hotline a call! A friendly and helpful staff member would love to answer those questions and guide you through any concerns you may have. They take care in their customers’ needs!


Capitol Chronic is consistent with making sure their customers are satisfied and valued. Every week they choose lucky raffle tickets that can earn you some sweet smoke! Save your raffle tickets because if you happen to be a lucky ticket holder then you will receive a free cannabis gift. Capitol Chronic or should i say, “Capitol Cool”, truly lives up to their expectations in customer service for their Washington DC community. This weed delivery service has all the right perks.

Speaking of satisfaction, Capitol Chronic has your best interest in mind. They are executing all sanitation measures and abiding all social distance protocols to keep you and their staff safe.

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