Friendly Marijuana in DC Delivered at Your Convenience



The tranquil influence of marijuna has been a desired means of passage to spirituality for hundreds of years before our time. Dating all the way back to 850–600 BCE (before the common era), some religions were known to use the effects of THC to deepen their meditation and prayer.  In fact, cannabis and some other psychoactive plants are specifically prescribed in the Mahākāla Tantra for medicinal purposes. Mahākāla is a deity common to Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism and the Tantras refers to numerous and varied scriptures pertaining to several esoteric traditions rooted in Buddhist and Hindu philosophy. The philosophers, scholars, intellectuals and religious peoples of those times ritually used marijuana to quiet their mind to access a higher (pun intended) way of life. 

Luckily for our modern-day Washington DC society, we can get that liberating experience delivered right to our doorstep. Capitol Chronic is the choicest weed delivery service that brings primo bud to your desired DC address. It really is that straightforward. Plumbing, electricity and weed delivery services — what a time to be alive! Am I right? 


Your friends at Capitol Chronic make their weed delivery service an absolute breeze to utilize. They have a direct line you can text or call, making your experience with their service personal and not automated. No need to click on or scroll through several pages on the internet. Simply text the word “menu” and you will be immediately provided with a lineup of the latest raffle tickets and cannabis gifts. Once you have made your selections, respond with your choices along with a valid identification card that indicates you are over the age of 21, your Washington DC location and desired time of your gifted weed delivery. Capitol Chronic promises the most prompt delivery times, making it convenient for you to get high on your own time. 


Capitol Chronic is that Washington DC friendly neighbor. Those raffle tickets are valuable, so you definitely want to keep them safe. Each week, Capitol Chronic selects random, winning raffle tickets. The holders of those selected raffle tickets win an extra free cannabis gift! This year has been stressful for most and Capitol Chronic knows that. They also know that extra anxiety and stress make their product all the more desirable, so they want to give their community something to look forward to during these hard and unprecedented times. Global pandemic or otherwise, Capitol Chronic has your back. 

Capitol Chronic is aware that it is imperative to practice the locally-mandated sanitation protocols. Not everyone can go out right now, so the amazing staff of Capitol Chronic work tirelessly to offer the most reliable, professional, fast, friendly, discreet, and knowledgeable weed delivery service all throughout Washington DC. You can trust that your time, property and health is highly esteemed and well preserved. So, you can relax. Eat your veggies, wash your hands and take frequent smoke breaks provided to you by Washington DC’s best and most reliable weed delivery service, Capitol Chronic

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