Punctual Weed Delivery in Washington DC

washington dc weed delivery


My patients is about as thin as a layer of dollar store saran wrap. My worst nightmare is a delayed package or a red light that seems to last forever. Oh, let me share with you the epitome of annoyance. When you order from a fast food restaurant drive through, you expect to get your food fast, hence the phrase “fast food”. But, have you ever been asked to “please pull forward and we will bring your order out shortly”? If you thought “yes” then you completely understand how detrimental that is to your patients level. Don’t get me wrong, I know the employees work hard and do the best they can, although, I can not help but become so impatient and the fires of anxiety start to travel through my body and go straight into my head. It is just my special personality. Luckily, I have found ways to help manage my impatient habits. As impatient as I can be, I absolutely love to take my time and roll a joint. I get such a good variety of weed from Capitol Chronic, a weed delivery service. I can have weed delivered because I live in Washington DC, which allows me to smoke weed recreationally. 

The reason I am bringing up the weed delivery service I use is because Capitol Chronic is widely known for its superb punctuality. If I could clap my hands after saying each word while telling you how on time and reliable Capitol Chronic is with their delivery times, I would. This weed delivery service is at your home delivering your weed at the exact time you request, like they are counting the milliseconds. That, that alone, made me think to myself, “This is the one”. I have been living in Washington DC my entire life and I’ve never been so satisfied in not only the on time deliveries but also the product and perks. 


Washington DC and their highest quality weed delivery service is known for far more than their punctual delivery times. These guys are also known for their high quality strains of weed and their famous weekly raffles. With each raffle ticket you purchase, you are entered into a drawing with a free cannabis gift as the prize. I can’t believe I am saying this but, that’s something worth waiting for. 

Marujuana, weed, cannabis or however technical you may want to call this miracle plant, it is a miracle worker on impatience and anxiety. I could break down their beautiful buds all day, no matter how long it takes. 

I have told you all about my weed guys but I never told you how to get your hands on some yourself. They actually have a hotline number you will need to text. You text a message asking for the menu and they will instantly send you their menu with the most new and highest quality raffle tickets and cannabis gifts. After that, send over your name and photo ID proving you are twenty one years or older Washington DC address, delivery time and raffle ticket choices. If you need to calm your nerves, chill yourself out, try a good smoke.

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