Top Weed Delivery Service in Washington DC


There’s nothing like a good ol’ smoke session to calm the nerves and relax the body. Smoking marijuana helps our mind and bodies in numerous ways, including the way we enjoy our music. For ages marijuana and music have had a special relationship. In fact, I don’t doubt that some of the best tunes ever made were while smoking the green goods. But, why do these delightful duos go so well together? Cannabis is like a psycho-acoustic enhancer. When you consume weed, your brain is more able to focus on something and absorb it better. Basically, you really listen to it. This causes you to understand and appreciate the sound of music on a totally different level because you are thinking on a more broader spectrum. Additionally, smoking the ganja puts you in a more relaxed state so you can be even more receptive to music and form a unique and personal relationship with your sound of choice. It’s a fact, marijuana changes time perception so we would perceive the sound differently. Listening to a three minute song can feel like much longer when you’re under the influence of Mary Jane’s magic.. Just saying.

So, why are we sitting here just thinking about how much we could be enjoying music and marijuana together instead of taking action? Luckily, we are covered. There is a weed delivery service out there for Washington DC residents that is fast and easy to order so we can get back to jamming. Capitol Chronic is reliable, discrete, punctual and “potent”.


 Capitol Chronic knows you have better things to do than spend a large amount of time trying to find some good bud. They have re-innovated the way of getting your weed delivered and have eliminated slow ordering on the computer so that we can get back to zoning into our music playlist. It’s simple, text “menu” to their hotline number and you will instantly receive their menu with all the newest and dankest raffle tickets and free cannabis gifts. Once you make your choices, send over your name,a valid identification (21 years or older), your Washington DC address, and what time you would like your weed to be delivered. You choose the time and Capitol Chronic will be there. This astounding weed delivery service promises to be on time, every time.


Just like when the beat drops in your favorite song, Capitol Chronic is right on time. I’m not talking about how they are always on time with your Washington DC delivery, I mean, they are right on time with some free cannabis gifts. Every week Capitol Chronic chooses lucky raffle tickets, so save those tickets! They know that you need some positive vibes and they are sending them your way. So, you guessed it, if you happen to have one of those lucky raffle tickets then you have earned yourself a free cannabis gift! Even though Capitol Chronic provides a groovy weed delivery service with no commitment to their Washington DC customers, if you do decide to stick around it may be worth an extra sticky surprise.


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