Use A Weed Delivery Service to Relax in Your Washington DC Home

My favorite thing to do is take a nice hot bath and I am so extra when it comes to the details. A regular and basic trip to the bathtub alone can not take away your stress and anxiety that accumulated over a hard day. You really have to go the extra mile and have all of your bathtub accessories in a row. I like to have a eucalyptus candle, bath bomb (lavender is my favorite at the moment), loofah, moisturizing lotion based body wash, detoxifying face wash and my extra large and extra fluffy bath towel. That sounds amazing doesn’t it? Well, with every wonderful recipe there is a secret ingredient. One thing that I must have when soaking in a relaxing bath is my weed! My marijuana usage plays as an incredible main factor for ultimate relaxation. I usually get my weed delivered weekly by using a weed delivery service here in Washington DC.

I prefer to use Capitol Chronic because the process is just so easy and simple. They are the best and easiest weed delivery service I have used in Washington DC, hands down. All I have to do is send over a message to their hotline number and ask for the menu! Capitol Chronic immediately sends over their most recent raffle tickets and cannabis gifts. Like I’ve mentioned, I’m trying to get rid of stress and anxiety and not add any more to my plate. I then choose my tickets and send over the rest of my info. So, in total, I send over my name and photo ID (you must be twenty one years of age or older), my address (you must live in Washington DC), and the time and date I would like for my weed to be delivered. That is all it takes for me to utilize an amazing weed delivery service for my own advantage. It is that simple, guys. I can literally order my weed from my bathtub.


When I buy my bath products, like my bath bombs, I go with quality because you get what you pay for. Instinctively, when I use a weed delivery service, I go with quality as well. Capitol Chronic is as high quality as it gets. They have the best buds in Washington DC! I’m not being biased because I am shopping with them either. I have tried all the weed delivery services that Washington DC has to offer. When it comes to on time deliveries, friendly and helpful customer service (you can also call their hotline number if you need any help or have any questions), and the bombest bud, Capitol Chronic meets all the requirements for the number one spot. They also give away weed by the week! Capitol Chronic chooses lucky raffle tickets each week and you never know when it is going to be your lucky day. If you do have one, you guessed it, free weed for you! Their cannabis gifts are well worth every hair and crystal. 

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