Weed Delivery Service a Great Option to Prevent Anxiety


Winter is rolling in and it’s time to sit by a warm fire to relax and rid yourself of stress and anxiety with your cup of hot cocoa. Although, a fireplace isn’t the only thing that you can light up in order to relax. If you are a resident of Washington DC, you can now legally smoke marijuana for recreational purposes! I have taken full advantage of this new law and my life has been nothing but bliss and blunts. With my anxiety and over stressing tendencies, marijuana is a main key factor in why I am able to function throughout the day. It helps me to be able to relax and focus on the day’s task at hand. With that being said, I also prefer to have my things delivered to my door. Once I discovered my weed could be delivered, I decided to look for a weed delivery service that I could trust and would provide me with the right strains I need. I found Capitol Chronic, a weed delivery service located right here in Washington DC. They offer the best bud and are always on time with deliveries. I cant believe how amazing this company is when it comes to customer service and delivery times. 

Another perk from using this weed delivery service is how safe they make their environment for their employees and how safe I feel as a customer receiving my weed. Capitol Chronic follows all social distance guidelines and all state mandated protocols. Sanitation is a big deal with these sensitive times, these guys care about their Washington DC community and their safety. 


Nowadays texting and instant messaging are how we communicate in almost every situation. So, why not go the same route when ordering a product? Capitol Chronic is no ordinary Washington DC weed delivery service, they offer a new way to get your weed at lightning speed! You can now order your weed via text message and it’s incredibly simple. First, text Capitol Chronic’s hotline number with the word “menu” and you will instantly receive a reply with the newest raffle tickets and cannabis gifts. Once you’ve chosen your preferred strain, send over all your info to continue with the ordering process. Send over a text with your name with a valid identification proving you are 21 or older, your chosen raffle tickets, your Washington DC address and the time you would like your weed to be delivered. That is literally it! The first time I ordered from Capitol Chronic was such a great experience. I got my weed on time and it was exactly what I ordered, no mishaps. 

I didn’t realize that there was more to this weed delivery service than just purchasing my precious pot. Capitol Chronic chooses lucky raffle tickets each week! I happened to have a lucky one, can you believe that? I’ve never had the best luck but for some reason it was my lucky day. Apparently, having a lucky raffle ticket means you get a free cannabis gift! I was so thrilled I almost forgot to claim my prize. Knowing I have a reliable place to order my weed and have it delivered helps the anxiety fade that much more. 

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